Engagement  Session

Approx. 2 hours  $250

The Family

Four hours of coverage, 2-5x7’s, 2-8x10  $1599

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 Wedding Party

Five hours of coverage, 4-5x7’s, 2-8x10's, 1-11x14  $1799

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Six hours of coverage,

4-5x7’s, 2-8x10’s 1-11x14,16x20  $1999

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Seven hours of coverage, 4-5x7’s, 2-8x10’s

1-11x14, 1-16x20 Formal Wedding album

with 30 pages two economy family albums

(12-4x6 or 5x5)  $3399

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Seven hours of coverage,  including

wedding rehearsal, 4-5x7’s, 2-8x10’s,
1-11x14, 1-16x20, 1 album with 30

custom designed pages, two family

albums (20 sides)  $3799

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The Bride

All day coverage including the wedding

rehearsal, slide show set to DVD,8-5x7’s,

4-8x10’s 2-11x14, 1-16x20, custom leather

bound album with 30 sides and two family

albums (18 sides 5x7’s)  $4999

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Digital negatives available for $250 per cd,  DVD Slide shows available for $250 (set to music) Overtime rate: $200 per hr up to 7 hours, $175 after 7 hours. 4x5, 4x6, 5x5-$7.00   5x7-$15,   8x10-$20,   11x14-$50,   16x20-$135
When you book a wedding you get 50% off Engagement sitting.